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This is Korpen

Exercise for everyone is Korpen Stockholm

Exercise for everyone is the basic idea and the foundation of all our sports and exercise activities. Regardless of age, sex and level of ability you will find the activity that you are interested in.

Team sports

Gather your friends and join a league. You can also turn to an already existing team and tell them that you would like to join, or contact us to find a suitable team.

Individual sports

Maybe it is difficult for you to practice a sport which requires the commitment a team sport demands, or perhaps you want to try more than one activity. Within Korpen Stockholm you'll find what you are looking for, gymnastics, jogging, walking, dancing and so on. It is you who decide how you want to exercise, alone or together with other people, a few times a month or a couple of nights a week, with one of our many annual sports festivals, both domestic and international, in your mind.

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