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Until the end of the 17´th century sport was a pastime available only for those who were out of work. The thought was that “workers and farmers develop their muscles in their daily manual work anyway”. However, in the continuous development of industrialism sport clubs were formed at the workplaces with only workers as members, so called co-operations, with the company’s blessing and support. For example, in 1880 a group of artisans in Landskrona formed one of the first Korpen clubs – in rowing! Although football was the new and exciting sport at the time.

It was in connection with the 1912 Stockholm Olympics that the big interest in sport exploded in the country. Different occupational groups formed their own co-operations. The police and the fire brigade were the front-runners but soon all types of professions were represented all over the country. As a result the national association Korpen was formed in 1945.

Eventually we became one of 63 special sport alliances within the Swedish National Sport Alliance. There you can also find, to pick a few, the Ice Hockey Association, the Football Association and the Tennis Association. These associations mainly develop the elite side with focus on one particular sport. Korpen gathers millions of exercise- and sports interested participants from all categories and within all sports and exercise activities, but at an amateur level!


Within Korpens organisation things happen

All around the country Korpen arranges hundreds of races and gatherings every year. With over 1 million participants! Our most significant contribution is probably all the tournaments at a local level, such as football in Stockholm.

We also organize everything from small, neighbourhood Korpen clubs to big tournaments with branches in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Only Korpen has the ability to offer so many events, so close to each participant and so easily.

If someone wants to take part in any of our activities they just need to pick up the phone and call our local branch. Freedom of choice is Korpens strength, and everyone is welcome. It is up to you when and how you want to compete, by yourself or with others.

Most of us have probably thought of playing in a team just for fun. Most people associate Korpen Stockholm with team sports. You can play in your local park, in big national leagues or even in international sports festivals. The level of ambition and which goal you set for your team is entirely up to each team to decide. You simply gather your friends at work or at school or get your neighbours going. Start a team and register with us. It is easy to join us.


Exercise for everyone is Korpen Stockholm

Exercise for everyone is the basic idea and the foundation of all our sports and exercise activities. Regardless of age, sex and level of ability you will find the activity that you are interested in.


Team sports

You can also turn to an already existing team and tell them that you would like to join, or contact us to find a suitable team.


Individual sports

Maybe it is difficult for you to practice a sport which requires the commitment a team sport demands, or perhaps you want to try more than one activity. Within Korpen Stockholm you'll find what you are looking for, gymnastics, jogging, walking, dancing and so on. It is you who decide how you want to exercise, alone or together with other people, a few times a month or a couple of nights a week, with one of our many annual sports festivals, both domestic and international, in your mind.


Thanks to Korpen Sweden never stands still

You can always find Korpen somewhere close to you, with its wide range of activities. Through Korpens network you have the opportunity to participate in sports festivals all around Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe

  • Every year 1 million Swedes participate in different activities on 25 million different occasions.
  • 12 000 Korpen clubs and companies compete in different team sports
  • 279 local sports alliances from Kiruna in the north to Ystad in the south offer and organize activities and healthcare at a local level.
  • 150 000 individual members exercise regularly in one of Korpen´s many activities.
  • 11.000 active leaders work within Korpen.
  • 21 National Sports Confederations. Our largest, nationwide companies offer exercise and healthcare for their employees.

As a member of Korpen you can also compete far outside Sweden´s borders

Korpen is a member of EFCS – European Federation for Company Sports. 20 company sports organisations from all over Europe are included. EFCS organize winter and summer international sports festivals. Even European championships, but on an amateur level. As a member of Korpen Stockholm you can take part in all competitions. There are no trials, you simply sign up and you can compete in individual sports or team sports. 
You can choose between football, mini golf, racket sports, athletics, swimming, windsurfing and even bridge, to name but a few.
The festivals and their side arrangements gather thousands of participants from near and far.
So if you have a big interest in sports, international contacts combined with relaxation, you have the opportunity to exercise, race and enjoy yourself outside our country.


Korpens idea is to offer:

Quality of life for everyone through exercise and healthcare together with other people.

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